Surgical Dermatology

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At Gold Coast Dermatology Center in Delray Beach, we offer melanoma, squamous, or basal cell carcinoma removal, and more. We specialize in advanced surgical procedures. Our promise is to revive your skin and body to optimal health while delivering the best cosmetic outcome possible. Whether you need treatment for moles, scars, cysts, or cancerous growths, our board-certified dermatologists can surgically remove them without the need for general anesthesia.

See a board-certified for your melanoma, squamous or basal cell carcinoma at our Delray Beach skin clinic. Call us today to schedule an appointment.


Cysts are typically benign growths that often appear on the face or neck. Some of the most common types are epidermal, pilar, and milium cysts. Cysts grow slowly and can become painful if they rupture or become infected.


When you visit Gold Coast Dermatology with a problematic cyst, we’ll quickly remove it through a simple surgical procedure–with no downtime.


Lipoma is a fatty lump that grows slowly and feels almost doughy to the touch. Because lipoma is generally harmless, treatment is only necessary if the fatty lump continues growing and becomes painful.


Our Gold Coast dermatology team can surgically remove the growth through a quick procedure using local anesthesia in more severe cases.


Moles are extremely common skin lesions. Occasionally moles appear at birth, but most of the time, they form throughout adulthood–especially in people with fair skin. Most adults have 10 to 40 harmless moles on their bodies. However, a screening by a dermatologist is important to ensure your moles are benign.


Most moles don’t require treatment unless you’d like to remove them for aesthetic purposes. However, if your mole looks suspicious, we may surgically remove and test it to be sure.

4Actinic Keratosis

Actinic keratosis (AK), also known as solar keratosis, is a common pre-cancer condition caused by excessive sun exposure. Nearly 58 million Americans have some form of actinic keratosis, which appears as raised and rough-textured skin. Over time, AK can turn into a type of cancer known as squamous cell carcinoma. That’s why it’s so important to treat AK right away.


To treat AK, we utilize therapies that include liquid nitrogen, medicated creams, photodynamic therapy (blue light), and extraction.

5Skin Tags

Skin tags are generally harmless, painless growths that appear on the neck, upper chest, underarms, and eyelids. In some cases, skin tags can become irritated from rubbing against clothing.


At Gold Coast Dermatology, our experienced staff can easily remove skin tags to eliminate irritation and improve your tone and texture.

6Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC)
p>Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most prevalent form of skin cancer, which typically develops on the head, neck, or ears. BCC growths appear as white or waxy bumps that sometimes include blood vessels. This skin cancer expands slowly and rarely spreads to other parts of the body. However, bumps will elongate over time destroying skin and bone tissue.


It’s important to seek immediate treatment for basal cell carcinoma from our Delray dermatologists. Treatment can include excision, surgical removal, medicated creams, and radiation. 

7Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC)

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is another common malignancy that generally occurs in areas exposed to the sun. Still, this carcinoma can appear anywhere on the body. Symptoms include a firm red nodule, a flat sore with a scaly crust, a rough and open lip sore, and a sore or rough patch inside the mouth. SCC grows slowly and rarely spreads to other parts of the body.


To prevent bone and tissue damage, it’s critical to get treatment from our skin clinic in Delray Beach for squamous cell carcinoma right away. Options include excision, surgical removal, medicated creams, and radiation. 


Melanoma is the least common skin cancer. Advanced staged cases can spread to other parts of the body, making it difficult to resolve and potentially fatal. However, melanoma is very treatable with early detection. Visible symptoms include a change in the shape or size of an existing mole or a new suspicious growth. Itchy, asymmetrical, color-changing moles with irregular borders are typically signs of melanoma. It’s essential to examine the body regularly and see a dermatologist at our Delray Beach location to detect melanomas before they spread.


Melanoma treatment includes surgery, radiation, medications, and in rare cases–chemotherapy.

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