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Men and Skin Cancer

Men and Skin Cancer The risk increases as you age


Did you know that August is National Golf Month, so make sure that when you are out there hitting the links you are protecting your skin.
If you are a man over 50, you’re in the group that is most likely to develop skin cancer. That’s why it’s so important to get screened for skin cancer.

What is a skin cancer screening?
• A skin cancer screening is a visual examination of your skin by a dermatologist.
• It just takes a few minutes and does not require a blood test or any other medical test.
• By looking at your skin,a dermatologist can find any suspicious spots that may be skin cancer.

Prevent. Detect. Live.™
You can reduce your risk of getting skin cancer.
• Prevent: Seek shade, wear protective clothes and apply sunscreen
• Detect: Look for new or changing spots on your skin
• Live:  You can contact us at 561.495.9797 to schedule your full body appointment or if you notice anything on your skin that’s changing, itching or bleeding