Gold Coast Dermatology Center offers the highest quality facial treatments and Chemical Peels.

Chemical peels are an excellent way to keep your skin looking its very best. Light peels reveal a smoother and brighter looking complexion by exfoliating the top layer of skin cells. They require minimal downtime. Deeper peels require more downtime but are an excellent treatment option for effectively improving texture, fine lines and skin tone. Chemical peels refresh and rejuvenate the skin by rapidly exfoliating skin cells, brightening skin tone, stimulating natural collagen production, and triggering positive long-term effects. Our Aesthetician will customize any peel to fit your needs.

Glycolic Acid: Suitable for all skin types
Salicylic Acid: For oily/ance prone skin
Lactic Acid: For sensitive/anti-aging
Mandelic Acid: For redness/pigmentation

Targeted Treatment Peels

$125 (25 min) Face • Face & Neck–$135
Glycolic Acid • Salicylic Acid
Lactic Acid • Mandelic Acid

Removal of sluggish skin cells promotes rapid cell turnover for skin rejuvenation. Through a series of targeted treatments and specific formulas, your skin will feel refreshed and smoother. Depending on your skin condition, we can help you choose the treatment that works best for you.

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Revive Peel

$95 • 25 min
  • Light & Refreshing

Light & Refreshing

Our signature peel, this gentle yet very effective peel is the perfect acid blend to stimulate collagen production, improve texture of the skin, even out pigmentation and brighten skin tone with no down time. For glowing, radiant skin!

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Jessner's Peel

Considered medium intensity. A blend of lactic, salicylic and resorcinol for rapid exfoliation of dull skin cells; Targets acne and dark spots.

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TCA Peel

$175 to $250

Medium to deep more intensive layered peel rapid chemical exfoliation used to target a variety of skin concerns.

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IlluminEYES Peel & Collagen Mask

$125 (25 min) • Series of 4–$449

Rejuvenate your eyes! This gentle peel is especially formulated for the eye area and is followed by a soothing collagen eye mask to hydrate and brighten eye area.

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GlycoLip Treatment Peel & Mask

$95 (25 min) • Series of 4–$345

A special glycolic blend lip peel to slouch off any dead skin cells, it is followed with a hydrating plumping lip mask. Pucker up baby!

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Lip & Eye Peel Combo

$195 (25 min) • Series of 4–$650

A combination of out illuminEyes and GlycoliLip treatment package.

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Rejuvenating Hand Peel

$125 • Series of 3–$359

Targets dull dry flaky skin and pigment issues. softens and brightens hands.

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Vi Peel

Best Peel Ever!
  • ViPeel Precision Plus
  • ViPeel Precision
  • ViPeel Purify

The most advanced medical peel line available. For all skin types and conditions (25 mins)
The major acids have been “tamed” and combined into formulations that address many skin concerns. These amazing peels effectively treat hyper-pigmentation, age spots, aging skin, fine lines and wrinkles, acne and rosacea and many other skin issues on the face & body. Formulated for safe and effective treatment on any skin type or color. Each of our painless ViPeel formulations achieve optimal results quickly, safely and painlessly with minimal downtime.

ViPeel Precision Plus

$375 • This peel is the latest breakthrough for agedefying, radiant skin. The “plus” is an added brightening “booster” for dramatic result for treatment of stubborn dark spots and hyper-pigmentation issues

ViPeel Precision

$350 • Amazing results for any skin that needs complete rejuvenation!

ViPeel Purify

$350 • This targeted solution purifies acne prone skin and reduces the marks and redness that acne leaves behind for superior results!

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Pumpkin Enzyme Peel

$65 (25 Min) • Added to Facial $25

This natural enzyme peel is rich in antioxidants with vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium and zinc. It removes dead skin cells, stimulates blood flow, decongests and purifies pores while it protects against free radicals. Natural enzymes improve skin tone and the natural hydroxy acids in the pumpkin exfoliate the skin.

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