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Sleeping Beauty


Ever wonder why some days you look pale, swollen and your eyes have dark circles —

well that comes from lack of sleep. Many of us have our beauty routine down but there is one thing missing, a good night sleep. When we skimp on sleep our skin starts to look dull, gloomy and lifeless.

Less Wrinkles

While we sleep our body gets a lot of things done. It starts to produce human growth hormone — which is an essential ingredient for collagen production. Collagen production is part of your skins repair process which makes your skin plumper and can diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

Brighter Skin

A lack of sleep can cause your skin to become dull. When you are tired your blood flow is slower and not efficient. As you sleep your body increases blood flow production which can improve your skins natural glow and give you those rosy cheeks.

Dark Eyes

Things such as genetics, age as well as having an increased melanin production can lead to puffy or dark eyes. Not having enough sleep can contribute to this and make it worse. The area under the eye is a lot thinner and when your blood isn’t flowing then this can cause these areas of thinner skin to appear darker. It is important to get those glorious 7-9 hours of sleep so we can minimize those dark circles.

At Gold Coast Dermatology Center we have ways of reducing those signs of sleep deprivation such as lasers and topical treatments. Call us today to schedule your appointment to find out how you can improve your skin.



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